GSA Contract Benefits

Any company selling to the federal government should have a GSA contract. A GSA contract enables a company to easily access government customers and increase sales in the same manner that it markets to its commercial customers. All companies can benefit by selling with a GSA contract. A GSA contract speeds the federal buying process and increases federal government sales opportunities.

Because of the government's push to improve procurement efficiency, government customers are increasingly using GSA contracts to make purchases. GSA contracts have become the preferred purchasing tool for Government decision makers and contracting officers to buy products and services. Changes in federal contracting regulations have created a new procurement environment, which makes having a GSA contract a necessity for today’s businesses marketing to the federal government. Because of these changes, GSA sales have increased every year for the past ten years. In recent years, government customers have purchased over $43.5 Billion in products and services using GSA contracts.

Having a GSA contract:

Being on the frontline, you know that it’s not easy to find the right people who need your products within the federal marketplace. Having a GSA Contract provides government customers instant access to your products via GSA's e-commerce website. Over a million government customers per week use GSA Advantage! to find products, conduct market research and to place orders. Government customer browsing currently results in over 30,000 orders per week.