Frequently Asked Questions

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Will FastTracGSA market my products to the federal government?

FastTracGSA assists clients in preparing GSA documents to obtain your own GSA Contract. In this way, your company markets to the federal market maintaining control of your federal marketing program at all times. FastTracGSA does not operate as a distributor increasing your product's selling costs.

How long will it take FastTracGSA to develop my GSA proposal?

With FastTracGSA's proprietary service, the average client is able to submit a proposal to GSA in 6 to 8 weeks. Our contract specialists have over 35 years experience preparing GSA contracts. FastTracGSA's specialist works with you to identify which GSA FSS Schedule best represents your products and services. We help you decide which of those products and services to offer, and how best to present them. You are able to focus on your business needs and not difficult to interpret government forms.

How long will it take for GSA to award my contract?

GSA will take up to twelve months to evaluate your proposal and make a contract award. GSA's goal is to process new contracts in 240 days. On some contracts the time can be longer due to the high volume of contracts received on these schedules.

Why should I consider obtaining a GSA Contract?

GSA is the purchasing manager for the federal government, the world's largest customer. Having a GSA contract enables your company to sell to any federal agency in the same way you sell to commercial customers. The prices on your GSA contract are considered competitive prices, which eliminates the need for a federal agency to go through formal competitive bidding procedures. This speeds the purchase cycle for your equipment and allows customers to purchase your products without the need for sole source justifications.

What is GSA Advantage!?

GSA Advantage! is GSA's e-commerce website, which lists GSA contract holder products and services. State, Local and Federal Government customers can use GSA Advantage! to research product information and make on-line purchases. Over 1 million decision makers visit GSA Advantage. FastTracGSA prepares your initial GSA Advantage catalog as part of its service.

What are GSA’s requirements for a company to obtain a contract?

GSA evaluates each company based upon a number factors including product pricing, past performance, financial stability, and ethics.

  1. Your company must have at least four customer references.
  2. GSA requires that companies have commercial sales for the products or services being offered the government. You must be able to document your pricing policies and have evidence of commercial sales.
  3. Your firm must be financially capable of supplying products or performing the services while under contract. You will be required to submit your firm's financial statements as part of your proposal submission.
  4. Resellers seeking a GSA contract must obtain letters from manufacturers stating the manufacturer will supply products for the duration of the GSA contract.
  5. Service firms must have written job descriptions and documented labor rates.
  6. The firm or its principals cannot be disbarred from doing business with the Federal government.

What GSA Schedule is right for my company?

Our contract specialist works with you to select the appropriate GSA schedule for your company. There are over forty GSA Schedules; we work with you to select the schedule that best fits your products or services.

Can I add my products to my dealer�s GSA Schedule?

Yes - you can add your company’s products to a dealer’s GSA Schedule. This approach means that all of your federal sales will be controlled by that dealer’s organization. You should ask yourself if the dealer can provide sales coverage and product support to federal customers nationwide. Your dealer will be controlling your sales efforts to the largest customer in the world – the federal government. He will be setting prices, accepting orders, and servicing government agencies. The dealer will be your contact with the federal government.

Who can purchase from a GSA Schedule?

All Federal agencies, the Department of Defense, the District of Columbia, some state and local agencies, and some approved prime contractors may purchase products and services from GSA Schedule. If you have a Law Enforcement or IT contract, State and Local Governments may also purchase products and service from your GSA Schedule.

Can my GSA Contract be cancelled for lack of sales?

GSA will not award contract unless the anticipated sales are expected to exceed at least $25,000 within the first 24 months following contract award, and are expected to exceed $25,000 in sales each 12-month period thereafter. The government may cancel the contract if you do not meet these sales thresholds.

What is e-Buy?

E-Buy is an online Request for Quote (RFQ) system designed to facilitate the RFQ�s for services and products offered by Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contractors who are on GSA Advantage!. E-Buy allows federal customers to maximize their buying power by leveraging the power of the Internet to increase GSA contractor participation on bids. E-Buy provides GSA contractors (sellers) with greater opportunities to offer quotes and increase business volume for services and products provided under their Schedule contracts.

What is is an on-line storefront, which enables business selling cloud based information technology products, software and services to market their products within the federal marketplace. The storefront is open only to GSA vendors selling cloud storage solutions, virtual machines, and web hosting services.

Am I guaranteed orders for my products and services when I receive a GSA Contract?

A GSA contract is a sales tool to assist you in selling to government customers. Government sales will not happen automatically, you must sell your products and services to federal customers to get new government business. A GSA contract will make it easier for your company to sell to government customers. A GSA contract reduces the paperwork for government customers and contracting officers when purchasing from your company. As a result, a GSA contract is the preferred method for government purchase of products and services.

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